About Sasti Gari

The reason behind the establishment of sasti gari is to provide consumers with used cars at extremely affordable prices. Brand new cars have gotten pricey these days, and it is not a joke to afford them. We tend to import all cars from Japan, and before we update them on our catalogue, we make sure that they have been thoroughly checked and tested. We believe in perfection and quality. Just because the cars are used does not mean that there has been any compromise on their functionality. They work even better than brand new cars, and the best part is that they are super affordable.

Our car dealers are certified and have attained immense knowledge in dealing with cars and selecting the right kind of car for them. You can now enjoy delivery to your doorstep facility as well. Just share your desires and requirements with us, and your car will be at your doorstep in no time. Sasti gari has introduced investment plans for all its clients. If you are interested in getting a good amount of revenue generated, you are more than welcome to discuss this with our team. All your information stays protected and anonymous with us, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

CEO's Message

Sasti Gari is a name of perfection and quality. We make sure that the trust our clients put in us does not go wasted. We are among the best-used cars dealers in Pakistan, and we plan to do so in the future. We aspire to become your favourite car dealer and a place where you can find utmost solace.

We want to help you at every step when it comes to your favourite cars. Your desire is our priority, and we will do anything to fulfil that. No car is auctioned without proper testing and examination. So far, there hasn't been a single complaint. The fact that we are the first used car auctioning company in Pakistan gives us the strength to do even better.

Investment Plans

We have various investment plans for our clients, which make sure that your earnings are doubled in less than 90 days. Our investment plan starts from 950,000 with a minimum of 1.25 added gain in the capital upon car sale. The best part is that the investors can get a minimum amount of per month profit of up to 19000 to 77500.

Our business is all about imparting the most reliable and best vehicles. We import vehicles starting from 660cc family cars to 1800cc muscle cars with proper legal documentation. From the first month to all the months stated in the plan, you get an advance amount without any complications. Doesn’t this sound extremely amazing and convenient? If it clicks your mind and heart, reach out to us now to increase your earnings.

Auto Solutions

We help you interact with prospective buyers' huge traffic, and now you can get an incredible deal for your dream car.


Our Mission

Quality Services

We guarantee to provide 100% transparency in car dealings, authentic car records and legal documents, highest quality vehicle.


Car Imports

We happen to be Pakistan's number one used car auctioning company. We import cars from Japan and sell them here.



We put in all our efforts and love into making our brand thriving. Integrity comes before anything, and so we are much disciplined when it comes to that.


Putting our utmost dedication to create a seamless platform for customers, we make sure that our people get an unparalleled car trading experience.


You will never have to worry about the level of trust that you put in us. We will never let you down, and that is our promise. With every order that you will place, you will receive only quality and satisfaction. Today and tomorrow, this is our ultimate promise. Our services will keep on increasing only if you keep on supporting us.

Our Team

Huzaifa Mehmood


Mian Irfan Ali

General Manager

Ali Rasheed

Procurement Incharge

Zaid Irfan

Head Of Port Divisions

Noor Ullah

Cheif Finance Officer

Khalid Mehmood

Business Development Manager

Muhammad Asif

Business Development Officer

Waris Ali

Incharge of Port Division

Tahir Masood

Incharge Of IT

Tehseen Butt

Front Desk & Admin Officer

Momna Akbar

Telesales Officer